• How much do ACP courses cost?

    Through the Advance College Project (ACP) students can get full college credits at an incredible savings compared to standard on-campus rates. Tuition is $25 per credit hour for ACP classes. Tuition fees are waived for students who are eligible for the free/reduced lunch program through the high school.

  • What is the minimum grade I need to receive credit from Indiana University?

    You will receive IU credit for your course if you earn a grade of D- or above. However, some college majors may require minimum grades in certain courses. Grades below a C may not transfer to another college or university. You should contact the advising office at the university to learn minimum grade requirements for transfer credit. Institutions have specific course and transfer-specific policies.

  • What if I fail an ACP course? Can I repeat it?

    Indiana University allows undergraduate students to retake a course for which he/she receives a grade below an A. Your transcript will record both grades, however, only the second will be calculated in the determination of the student's grade-point average (GPA). This option may be exercised for no more than three courses totaling no more than 10 credit hours. Students interested in this option should discuss with their guidance counselor how repeating an ACP course impacts their high school diploma progession. They should also discuss with their potential college or university whether it is advisable to repeat an ACP course. 

    For more information on the Undergraduate Course Retake Policy, visit Extended-X Policy.