Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Welcome to Indiana University’s Advance College Project (ACP)!

I am happy that you have decided to earn college credit from IU while still in high school. The idea of earning high school credit at the same time you are earning college credit is not a new idea to Indiana University. In fact, ACP has been offering this opportunity to students across Indiana since 1982! We have offered the same opportunity more recently to partner schools in Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan. 

I hope you find your ACP course to be a valuable experience that will build a strong foundation for your future studies.

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  • Overview

    Advance College Project is a concurrent enrollment program administered by the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at Indiana University.When you enroll in an IU course through ACP you receive both high school and college credit. ACP courses are taught by high school teachers trained by IU to offer certain IU courses as adjunct faculty members. Taking college courses requires extra work and personal responsibility, and the college grade you earn will be recorded on an official IU transcript. 

    Taking rigorous college coursework while still in high school shows college admissions officers that you are serious about furthering your education. 

    You don’t have to attend IU to benefit from ACP. In a recent survey of ACP alumni, over 90% of respondents who tried to transfer their IU ACP credits to other colleges or universities were successful. 

    The first year of college is fundamentally different from Grade 12 in terms of what is expected from you. It’s important for you to be prepared to take responsibility for your learning. 

    ACP courses are IU college courses, and college expectations of student performance are not the same as high school expectations. In fact, your college grade may be different than your high school grade. Review each course syllabus carefully to learn what the course expectations are. 

    College courses are demanding and time consuming. You can succeed with good planning, realistic expectations, and hard work. Chat with other students who have already taken the courses you are interested in. Ask them how it was different from high school courses. 

    Successful college students consult with academic advisors before registering for their courses. Consider the following questions when you talk with your guidance counselor and plan your schedule:

    How much out-of-class work is expected for each course I’m interested in? 

    What other time commitments do I have this year – work, sports, drama, college visits, spending time with friends and family? How many advanced courses will reasonably fit into my schedule?

  • Admission

    Students taking IU classes through ACP must

    • meet all course prerequisites, earning grade of C or better,
    • have a GPA of 2.70 or above on a 4.00 scale through their most recently completed semester of high school and
    • have completed 9th grade.

    Registering for ACP courses involves more steps than registering for high school classes. Talk with your guidance counselor about what IU courses are offered at your school and whether you meet the prerequisites.

    By recommending you take specific IU courses your guidance counselor affirms you meet the requirements. You should register only for those courses.

  • Registration and Tuition

    Registering for ACP courses involves more steps than registering for high school classes. If your guidance counselor has provided the necessary information to IU then you will be emailed instructions how to register online. To register you must first create an IU IT account and then use that account to register during the registration window. 

    For the 2017–18 school year, all ACP courses at all IU campuses are $25/credit hour. Courses range from 3 to 5 credit hours or from $75 to $125.  If you register for fall 2017 courses IU will send a paper bill to your home address on record. Your tuition is free if your guidance counselor affirms to IU your eligibility for Free or Reduced Lunch. Textbooks are the responsibility of the student. 

    Your school might let you sit in an ACP course and receive only high school credit; if you choose to take the course only for high school credit you may not register at a later date, be registered retroactively, or repeat the course (while in high school) for college credit. 

    If you register for an ACP course and do not pay the tuition, you are not removed from the course. You still owe IU the tuition AND your course grade will become part of your permanent IU transcript. If you try to attend IU without paying the balance in full, you will not be able to register for classes until your bill is paid. You will not be able to obtain an IU transcript until your bill is paid.

  • Dropping and Withdrawing, Course Cancellation

    Students are allowed to Drop from enrolled courses throughout the online registration period with no penalty. Students may go back into the ACP Registration module and select the Drop option for any or all of their enrolled courses. No grade will be reported to the student's transcript and no tuition will be charged.  The drop deadline for spring 2018 courses is March 9, 2018.

    Students who decide they no longer wish to earn college credit for a course after the Drop deadline has passed may Withdraw from the course. Students wishing to withdraw from a course need to submit a completed Withdraw form to the ACP office before the deadline. A grade of “W” will be reported to the student's permanent college transcript. Per university policy, tuition will not be refunded or removed from a a student's account for a withdrawal.  The withdrawal deadline for spring 2018 (as well as 2017/18 year-long courses) is April 20, 2018.

    Please note, failure to pay for a course does not result in the student being dropped or withdrawn. Students remain responsible for tuition unless the appropriate actions are taken to Drop a course before the Drop deadline.

    If a student registers for a course which is later cancelled,  the student will be administratively dropped and any tuition paid will be refunded. Course cancellations are very rare; every effort is made to only offer courses where a qualified instructor is in place.

  • Transcripts or How to Transfer Your Credit

    If you attend any IU campus you do not need to transfer your ACP credits because they are already in the IU system.

    If you attend a college other than IU and you want to transfer credit for IU courses in which you earned a “C” or better then you need to provide your new college with an official IU transcript. Only credit transfers, your grade does not transfer. 

    Click here for instructions on how to order an official transcript

    This page explains the process If you’ve forgotten your username or passphrase go here for help. 

  • Academic Misconduct

    All Indiana University students, are required to adhere to the responsibilities outlined in the Indiana UniversityCode of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct, credit ACP students, earning college credit by taking IU classes, are required to adhere to the responsibilities outlined in the Code.

    The IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct ensures your rights as an IU student are protected. While you’re entitled to respect and civility, you also have responsibilities to the campus community. The Code outlines these responsibilities and the university’s expectations for your behavior as an IU student.

    The Code also describes the types of misconduct for which students may be penalized, including cheating, fabrication, plagiarism and interference with other students’ work, violation of course rules, and facilitating academic dishonesty. The definition and clarification related to academic misconduct is here:

    Per IU policy, ACP instructors are required to investigate and report all incidents of academic misconduct to the IU Dean of Students. 

    Adopted by the Board of Trustees, effective August 1, 2009

  • College Expectations

    Your ACP classroom is an extension of the IU campus. Your ACP course will be taught with the same content expectations, pedagogical approaches, student performance standards, and assessment strategies as occur on the IU campus. Be prepared for a faster pace, more personal responsibility, and more rigorous expectations than a typical high school course. This is not a college prep course, it is a college course. All of this combines to create an exciting learning experience for you. 

    Your ACP instructor is required to provide you with a course syllabus, a summary outline of the course. The syllabus should contain course goals and objectives; how the grade will be calculated; textbook and other learning materials; course topics; schedule of papers, assignments, labs, or tests; and any course prerequisites.

     Keep your syllabus and all your graded work after the course has ended. If you attend an out-of-state college, your credits are more likely transfer if you have these materials available.