Tuition and Payment

Tuition and Payment

Tuition Rate

Through the Advance College Project (ACP) students can get full college credits at a substantial savings compared to standard on-campus rates.

Subject to the approval of the Indiana University (IU) Board of Trustees, ACP students pay a special off-campus undergraduate resident tuition rate that is lower than the per-credit-hour rate on any of the IU campuses because ACP students do not use campus facilities and services.

Tuition Schedule

Tuition charged is determined by taking the current $25 per-credit-hour rate and multiplying it by the number of credit hours in which the student is enrolling. ACP students are not subject to a flat fee schedule. ACP students pay the resident tuition charge regardless of residency status.

Tuition is waived for ACP students eligible for free or reduced lunch upon confirmation by high school guidance counselor.

Tuition Benefit, formerly known as Fee Courtesy, is granted to full-time university employees. Disabled veteran's benefits may apply toward ACP tuition.

  • 3 credit hour ACP courses (Tuition: $75.00)

    Biology L112 Biological Mechanisms
    Business F260 Personal Finance
    Business W100 Introduction to Business
    Economics E201/E103 Introduction to Microeconomics
    Economics E202/E104 Introduction to Macroeconomics
    English L202 Literary Interpretation
    English W131 Reading, Writing, & Inquiry I
    French F200/F203 Second Year French I
    French F250/F204 Second Year French II
    Geology G103 Earth Sciences: Materials and Processes
    Geology G104 Evolution of the Earth
    German G200 Intermediate German I
    German G250 Second Year German II
    History H105 American History I
    H106 American History II
    History M118 Finite Mathematics
    Mathematics M119 Brief Survey of Calculus
    Physiology P130 Human Biology
    Political Science Y103
    Psychology P101 Introduction to Psychology I
    Psychology P102 Introduction to Psychology II
    Public Speaking/Oral Communication S121/P155
    Sociology S100 Introduction to Sociology
    Spanish S200/S203 Second Year Spanish I
    Spanish S250/S204 Second Year Spanish II
    Spanish S280/311 Spanish Grammar

  • 4 credit hour ACP courses (Tuition: $100.00)

    German G150 Beginning German II
    Mathematics M211 Calculus I
    Mathematics M212 Calculus II
    Spanish S150/S112 Beginning Spanish II

  • 5 credit hour ACP courses (Tuition: $125.00)

    Biology L100 Humans and the Biological World
    Chemistry C101/C121 Elementary Chemistry (includes lab)
    Chemistry C105/C125 Chemistry I (includes lab)
    Chemistry C106/C126 Chemistry II (includes lab)
    Mathematics M215 Calculus I
    Mathematics M216 Calculus II
    Physics P221 Physics I


Paper billing statements (via U.S. Mail) are sent to ACP students. Indiana University generates bursar statements electronically and provides the option of Web payments for paying tuition and other charges to students with IU IT accounts.  A student can view their bill electronically by going to and log in with their IU account.

The IU bursar bill notification is sent electronically to students' IU e-mail account, if one exists. Students can create access for parent(s) to receive billing notifications, print bill copies, and make electronic payments, and we strongly recommend that you do so. If you have further questions, please contact Student Central on Union by email at or call (812) 855-6500.

Tuition Benefit Information
Dependent children of full-time IU faculty and staff are entitled to Tuition Benefit. A Tuition Benefit form must be on file for each semester during which the student is enrolled and should be completed in advance of registration. IU employees may apply online at the University Human Resources Website.

Child of Veteran and Public Safety Officer Benefit Information
Educational benefits are available through the Child of Veteran and Public Safety Officer (CVO) Supplemental Grant Program. Visit the website to see if you qualify, or call them by phone at (317) 232-2350 or (888) 528-4719 for more information. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and CVO applications must be on file.

Financial Responsibility
A student who is admitted and enrolled in an IU course through the ACP program agrees to pay the tuition rate for each course and should understand that the enrollment creates a binding legally enforceable contract.
Important to know: Non-payment of tuition or failure to earn a passing grade for a course does not constitute a drop or withdrawal from the course.  In addition, the student will still be obligated to pay the course tuition. 

Questions regarding your IU bill can be directed to the IU Office of the Bursar at:

IU Bloomington(812) 855-6500
IU East(765) 973-8345
IU Kokomo(765) 455-9352
IU Northwest(219) 980-6622
IU South Bend(574) 520-4489
IU Southeast(812) 941-2335