Enrolling in ACP

  • Registration Help

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  • Eligibility

    General Admission Standards

    High school juniors and seniors (and in some cases, sophomores) who have a solid academic preparation and a desire for more advanced work are good candidates for Advance College Project (ACP) classes. The basic premise of ACP is to provide an opportunity for high school students to succeed in college course work.

    Students taking IU courses through ACP must:

    • Meet all course prerequisites, earning a grade of C or better,
    • Have a GPA of 2.70 or above on a 4.00 point scale through their most recently completed semester of high school, and
    • Have completed 9th grade.

    Acceptance to take an ACP course does not guarantee admission to IU. To achieve regular admission to IU, students must apply through the Office of Admissions at the selected campus.

    These are minimum standards for admission to the ACP program. Fulfilling these minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance to take an ACP course; some high schools may require additional academic criteria for prospective ACP students. Each high school decides, based upon the number of students interested in ACP and scheduling limitations, the number of course sections and when each course will be offered. Check with your school guidance counselor for information about other requirements specific to your high school.

  • Enrollment Process

    The ACP program allows high school students to jumpstart their college career. To take advantage of this opportunity, please contact your high school’s guidance office to express your interest. The high school will provide ACP with student information. ACP will then email enrollment invitations to eligible students. To earn IU credits, the student is responsible for completing the enrollment process during the prescribed registration window.