Enrolling in ACP

  • ACP Online Registration

    Online registration for spring 2018 ACP courses opens Monday, February 5, 2018 and will remain open through Friday, March 9, 2018.

    Register for ACP

    Note: You will need your IU Username/Passphrase information to access the ACP Registration module. If you have not set up an IU IT account, see "Creating an IU Computing Account" below.

  • Creating your first IU Computing Account

    Students must create an IU IT account in order to access and use the online ACP registration module as well as to access the various applications of One.IU such as Student Center, Canvas, Bill Payment, and Transcript Request.

    Create IU Computing Account

    NOTE: You will need your 10-digit University ID to create an IU Computing Account. If you do not know your 10-digit UID, you can request it below by selecting "University ID/Username Lookup".

    University IT Support (UITS) recommends students wait 24 hours to allow login data to be set before attempting to login to any university system--this includes the ACP Registration module.

  • Reset IU Passphrase

    Passphrases for IU Computing Accounts can be reset.

    Reset IU Passphrase

    NOTE: You will need your IU Username and 10-digit University ID number to reset your passphrase. If you do not know your 10-digit UID, you can request it below by selecting "University ID/Username Lookup."

    University IT Support (UITS) recommends students wait 10-20 minutes before attempting to use a reset passphrase to login to any university systems--this includes the ACP Registration module.

    It may be necessary for you to clear your cache before attempting to login after resetting your passphrase.

  • University ID/Username Lookup

    If you do not know your 10-digit University ID number or the Username created for your IU Computing account, you can use the tool below to have this information emailed to you.

    UID/Username Lookup

    NOTE: This information will be sent to the email address reported on the Lookup response page. If this is no longer a valid email address for you, please Contact ACP*Be sure to include your full name and the name of your high school in the message.

  • Common Registration Issues/Resolutions
    Username/Passphrase not recognized
    • Confirm you have waited the recommended time before attempting to login. 
      • UITS recommends waiting 24 hours after creating IT account or 10-20 minutes after resetting passphrase before attempting to login.
    • Make sure you are entering your username and passphrase correctly.
      • Your username will be the prefix to your IU Email address. Ex: acpstudent@iu.edu - username is acpstudent.
    • Reset IU Passphrase 
    • Contact ACP. *Be sure to include your full name and the name of your high school in your message.
    Error message: Not authorized as an ACP student

    This message indicates there may be an internal issue with your record or admission. 

    • Contact ACP. *Be sure to include your full name and the name of your high school in your message.
    Error message: Internal Server Error

    This may indicate the username/passphrase does not match what is in the IU system. To check whether the issue involves your login information:

    • Login to One.IU.
      • If login fails, you may need to Reset IU Passphrase
      • If login is successful, the issue is not with your login but some other problem.
        • Contact ACP. *Be sure to include your full name and the name of your high school in your message.
    Immunization Hold on student record

    Per Indiana law, university students are required to provide proof of immunization to be an IU student. Because ACP students take courses on their high school campus, this HOLD is normally suppressed for ACP students. However, if you find this HOLD was placed on your account, please Contact ACP. *Be sure to include your full name and the name of your high school in your message.

    We will assist you with registration.

    Citizenship Hold on student record

    Students over the age of 18 are required to verify citizenship to be eligible for financial aid. While financial aid may not be relevant for ACP students, it is possible this HOLD may be placed on your record after you turn 18. It is simple to resolve:

    • Login to One.IU
    • Using the search bar, search "ACP"
    • Select the Advance College Project (ACP) Task Center.
    • Select the Citizenship Verification app and complete online form.
  • Eligibility

    General Admission Standards

    High school juniors and seniors (and in some cases, sophomores) who have a solid academic preparation and a desire for more advanced work are good candidates for Advance College Project (ACP) classes. The basic premise of ACP is to provide an opportunity for high school students to succeed in college course work.

    Students taking IU courses through ACP must:

    • Meet all course prerequisites, earning a grade of C or better,
    • Have a GPA of 2.70 or above on a 4.00 point scale through their most recently completed semester of high school, and
    • Have completed 9th grade.

    Acceptance to take an ACP course does not guarantee admission to IU. To achieve regular admission to IU, students must apply through the Office of Admissions at the selected campus.

    These are minimum standards for admission to the ACP program. Fulfilling these minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance to take an ACP course; some high schools may require additional academic criteria for prospective ACP students. Each high school decides, based upon the number of students interested in ACP and scheduling limitations, the number of course sections and when each course will be offered. Check with your school guidance counselor for information about other requirements specific to your high school.

  • Frequently Asked Questions regarding Enrollment

    If I am taking an ACP related course through my high school, am I required to take this course for dual credit?

    Enrollment for dual credit may not be a requirement for your ACP class. In most of our partner high schools, students may opt to complete the ACP eligible course for high school credit only. You should contact your high school guidance office to confirm whether ACP enrollment is a required for the ACP courses you are taking.

    My ACP class runs through the full academic year. Do I need to enroll for dual credit again in the spring?

    If the course runs through the academic year, you only need to enroll during the fall registration period. If you are not certain whether your course requires enrollment during spring registration, consult your instructor or Contact ACP.

    I am eligible for the free/reduced lunch program at my high school. Is there anything I need to do to claim my fee waiver?

    Your high school should provide this information to ACP on your behalf. ACP will automatically apply the tuition waiver to eligible students' accounts. 

     Can I change my mind about earning dual credit for an ACP course?

    Students may drop from earning dual credit for ACP courses through midnight on the final day of the online registration period. Students may do so by logging back into the ACP Registration module and selecting the Drop option. Students who drop ACP enrollment before the deadline will not incur any tuition fees and no grade will be reported to the student's college transcript.