IU-ICC Network

Welcome to the IU-ICC Network

Indiana University is committed to supporting Indiana high schools offering the Indiana College Core. We provide ongoing professional development and foster a community—made up of Hoosiers like you—to share tips, strategies, and successes of the ICC, facilitating a collaborative and enriching educational experience for us all.

By partnering with IU to offer the ICC, you become part of the IU-ICC Network. This partnerships offers:

  • Guidance and Support: Access comprehensive support to establish and maintain a thriving ICC program within your school. Benefit from tailored advice to create a sustainable academic pathway for your students.
  • Collaborative Learning: Join a state-wide network of educators. Share your innovative ideas, learn from the experiences of your peers, and collectively enhance the quality of education across Indiana.
  • Year-Round Engagement: Participate in an array of events, programming, and resources available throughout the year. The IU-ICC Network provides continuous opportunities for professional growth and connection.

Together we can provide a wealth of opportunities for students and educators.