Teach IU courses through ACP

Courses offered through IU’s Advance College Project (ACP) are taught by specially trained high school educators who meet the professional and academic expectations of the on-campus department and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Become an ACP instructor and ...

Begin by completing the New Instructor Application. For more information about the new instructor and IU Dual Credit Pipeline application processes and eligibility, visit the ACP Instructor & School Handbook.

Be eligible to earn graduate credits & HLC credentials in the following disciplines:

Art History / Biology / Business / Chemistry / Communication / Computer Science / Education / English / French / German / History / Mathematics / Political Science / Public Health / Spanish

The IU Dual Credit Pipeline is designed as a sustainable approach to ensure that all Indiana teachers offering dual credit courses on and after Sept 1, 2025 are eligible, trained, supported, and delivering the highest quality college courses. If your application to teach for ACP is approved, we will contact you with more details.

Benefits to teachers

ACP equips instructors like you to teach IU curriculum and university learning outcomes in the high school classroom. IU coursework taught through ACP is designed to enhance critical thinking with goals that are relevant and timely with real-world applicability. ACP also provides professional development opportunities through IU campuses.

Free IU graduate courses & graduate degree programs

ACP instructors who need additional graduate courses or a graduate degree in order to meet the HLC faculty requirements are eligible for full tuition assistance toward IU graduate courses as part of the IU Dual Credit Pipeline program.



A stipend is supplied to you to purchase books and materials to assist in teaching IU courses through ACP.

Access to IU resources

While teaching IU courses through ACP you have access to many IU resources including libraries, databases, learning management tools, and software packages.

907High school instructors teaching with ACP this year

4068Graduate Credit Hours earned through the IU Dual Credit Pipeline

40+ yearsof ACP partnerships in Indiana and surrounding states

I consider ACP the crowning of my career. It made it possible for me to draw on a vast support network at IU which enabled me to design and teach the best curriculum imaginable!

-Fritz Krahl, ACP Instructor, Pike Central High School

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