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Become an ACP School Partner

The Advance College Project equips educators to offer IU courses and university learning outcomes in high school classrooms. IU coursework taught through ACP enhances critical thinking with goals applicable to the real world.

ACP instructors receive professional development opportunities through IU campuses, a stipend to purchase books and materials to assist in teaching, access to a full spectrum of IU resources including libraries, databases, and Canvas, as well as the credentials dual credit teachers need to meet Higher Learning Commission (HLC) standards.

Steps to getting started as an ACP School Partner

  1. Become familiar with ACP policies and guidelines in ACP Instructor and School Handbook.
  2. Understand the Higher Learning Commission’s faculty credentialing guidelines that go into effect September 2025.
  3. Talk with instructors about their willingness to offer an IU course in the high school.
  4. Explain that ACP pays the tuition for ACP instructors’ IU graduate coursework toward HLC compliance (in 11 disciplines - for ACP instructors teaching in Indiana).
  5. Encourage potential ACP instructors to submit an application before the March 31 priority deadline.
  6. Designate a person, usually from the School Counselor Office, to take on the role as the school contact for ACP, who will serve as a liaison between ACP and the school, instructors, students and parents. The designee must have access to student demographic and academic records including student GPA and eligibility status for tuition waiver for free / reduced lunch eligibility.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch with ACP Associate Director, Kristal Arsenault.

ACP Policies & Expectations

Visit the ACP Instructor & School Handbook to review the policies and expectations of ACP school partners including instructor expectations, policies for trimester and Block-4 academic calendars, academic misconduct, disability services, and the technologies to be used in ACP courses.

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