Partner with IU

Become an ICC School in Three Steps

Offering the Indiana College Core helps students build confidence in their ability to succeed in college, gives them a step up on their college general education, and is guaranteed to be accepted by all public and many private colleges in Indiana.

Offering the Indiana College Core with Indiana University gives students the opportunity to earn an IU credential at no or low cost, and provides opportunities to teachers to complete graduate coursework for credentialing for free through IU.

Ready to Start?

IU will work with you to inventory your college-level courses.

IU Campus Connection

IU will connect your school with a dedicated IU-ICC coordinator from the nearest IU campus. They will help you review your college-level offerings to see how close you are to delivering the ICC.

Your IU-ICC Coordinator will
  1. Identify IU and non-IU dual credit offerings at your high school.
  2. Identify eligible AP, IB, and CLEP exams at your high school.
  3. Map these findings to ICC competency areas.

Q: Do the offerings at your high school meet the requirements?

To earn the ICC, students must complete 30 credit hours of college-level coursework in six competencies, 15 of which are earned through a primary postsecondary partner like IU.

Let’s work together to fill in the gaps.

Your IU-ICC Coordinator will work with you to develop a plan for adding the credits needed to deliver the ICC, including:

  • Adding free IU dual credit courses through the Advance College Project (ACP).
  • Adding tuition-based online and campus courses.
  • Adding other postsecondary institution courses and exam scores.


Curriculum map complete? You're ready to launch!

Your final step is to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) designating Indiana University as your primary postsecondary ICC partner.

The MOU outlines the responsibilities of your high school as a delivery site for the ICC and the responsibilities of IU as your primary postsecondary partner.

MOU Key Points:
Your school will:IU will:
Agree that students earn at least 15 credit hours of the ICC courses through IU.Chart a path for students to complete the ICC with IU and non-IU credits.
Share information about students and their progress pursuing the ICC.Empower students to complete the ICC through strategic course planning.
Guide students to submit exam scores and transcripts to IU for all non-IU dual credit.Verify credit attainment and award the ICC certificate to all successful students.

Commitment from IU

Your IU-ICC Coordinator will be there to work with your school to answer questions and support you each step of the way. 

IU-ICC Coordinator Service Means:

  • IU is committed to remaining available, providing your staff with the consistent, quality support they need throughout the school year.
  • As an extension of your local IU campus, we’re close by and convenient for your staff to call on for enthusiastic, personalized support.
  • We can help your team communicate quality information to your staff, students, and community about achieving the ICC goals.
  • Through the ICC, your students become our students. We’re invested in their success, providing access to the full suite of IU resources.